We run and play our games on our twitch channel, and the archived episodes can be found on our youtube channel.


Conspiracy X: Alternate/Occasional Sundays – 2pm ET/11am PT

GM Cleve runs this game of conspiracy, coverups in the early 1990’s. Players dharmabob, yukaizer, etc.

Crits N’ Grins: Tomb of Annihilation – 9pm ET/6pm PT

DM Mondo drags players through the jungles of Chult as they search out the source of the death curse in this new classic adventure campaign from Wizards of the Coast.


Crits N’ Grins: Dungeon Crawling

DM Mondo updates classic modules and brings a rotating cast of players to the table to play them through.


Realms of Antonine – 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT

DM Mondo’s homebrewed campaign started over a year ago with a LFG on Roll20. It’s still going strong, even if the bad guys almost always get away.